TAM Multi-Market Portfolios

Three Disciplines. Three Managers. One Portfolio.
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There's An Easier Way To Meet Your Clients' Investment Expectations

Advisors often need more time. Clients often need an investment portfolio that they can understand, yet that is also diversified enough to suit their investment expectations. 

TAM Multi-Market Portfolios are designed to meet both of these needs in one, simple package. Each portfolio combines three investment disciplines, led by three managers, in a cohesive, risk-adjusted model. 

Three Investment Disciplines, blended strategically Toward A Risk-Based Goal

We feel the best way to consistently meet client expectations is through a strategic blend of disciplines, which are paired to meet a risk-based goal as markets ebb and flow. 

TAM Multi-Market Portfolios feature allocations across three disciplines — Core Beta, Active/Tactical, and Diversifying — which are tailored to each model’s risk objective. This clear delineation makes diversification easier to understand and performance easier to track and discuss.

An Investment Portfolio That Anyone Can Understand

If investing is a journey, your portfolio is the vehicle that carries you forward. The vehicle’s features will determine the quality of the ride and the experience throughout. 

TAM Multi-Market Portfolios are constructed a lot like a car. Each fund serves a clear purpose, playing an integral role in the investment journey — from keeping the portfolio moving in the right direction to avoiding the inevitable potholes that investors will encounter along the way. 

Access To Three Managers, Working Hand-in-hand in one, Cohesive POrtfolio

AAMA - Core Beta Strategies
Main Management - Active & Tactical Strategies

The Power Of Three Perspectives In A Single Portfolio

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